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The CPM approach

Multi-channel strategies

We have the skills and the expertise to transform your business. Our integrated offering means we can draw insight from a broad range of disciplines. And we’ll use that insight to create solutions that influence customer behaviour at the deepest level.

We’ve brought together sales, marketing and customer experience under one roof. It gives us the knowledge to influence the total customer journey, from beginning to end. Our data-driven insight will take your business to new heights.

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Our people's journeys

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Inspiring stories

At CPM, we pride ourselves on our innovative thinking and thought-leadership. Take a look at these ground-breaking articles generated by our leadership team...

Innovative strategies and leadership are a must for post-covid planning

Embracing a business model based on sales outsourcing means taking a new direction that leads to greater agility and flexibility, as well as budget optimisation.

How CPM continue to take action on the road towards true gender equality

Creating an inclusive culture is nothing new to the CPM Teams, it’s in their DNA, reflected in the fact that 50% of the group’s senior leadership is female.

When West Meets East – Navigating the Business Landscape in Asia

Martin discusses the positive aspects of an overseas assignment and comments on the cultural and personal behaviours and strategies to demonstrate when conducting business in Asia.

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Introducing ACTiON from CPM

Consumers now expect seamless integration of reality and the digital world. And that’s what we’re delivering. A video solution where anyone online can get immersive face-to-face advice, training or customer care - wherever and whenever they want it. Our solution comprises ACTiON, our new v-commerce platform, media-trained experts, AV kit and even branded studio spaces. It’s the ultimate one-stop-shop.