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Data, Analytics and Insights

Delivering value through innovation

Here at Axis, our technology consultancy division of CPM, we have the ability to transform data into valuable insights. By utilising data analysis, we deliver actionable insights. We are a multidisciplinary team consisting of experts with the know-how in the business, that will furnish you with insights and technology-led solutions to increase your sales in all channels.

Our three core solutions provide a myriad of truly personalised strategies to solve all your business challenges.

Data Sourcing
By amalgamating our data sourcing capabilities, we can tap from a wealth of first, second and third-party data to give our clients the tools they need to succeed.
Data Management

We offer the full range of data management services, from personalised solutions to application development and data cleanses.

Insight Creation

We create actionable insights which can be applied at every stage of the sales process and customer journey, driving goals and solving business problems.

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