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The B2B rewards and engagement app

Launched in June 2018, *shopt has a growing following with over 30,000+ active users redeeming rewards on the app.

We connect brands and bring convenience to customers across the globe such as LRS, PepsiCo, Diageo, Mars, Red Bull, and Danone.

Creating connections

We provide brands with the tools to make connections that are far-reaching, deeper and more frequently across their desired channels. At the touch of a button – overcoming barriers of cost to serve, geography and accessibility through our unique digital offering.

We connect brands with anyone, anywhere in the world!

Putting the user in charge

Available on-demand 24/7 throughout the year, *shopt puts you in control of incentives and content, giving the user an immersive brand experience.

Offering flexible solutions

Clients work with *shopt to increase range distribution, launch NPD, educate unlocking valuable insights along the way. Through our blend of highly engaged agile teams, industry-leading technology, expertise, and strategic partnerships, we sell more for brands across all sectors.

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Introducing ACTiON from CPM

Consumers now expect seamless integration of reality and the digital world. And that’s what we’re delivering. A video solution where anyone online can get immersive face-to-face advice, training or customer care - wherever and whenever they want it. Our solution comprises ACTiON, our new v-commerce platform, media-trained experts, AV kit and even branded studio spaces. It’s the ultimate one-stop-shop.