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Our goal: Driving better business outcomes

Axis transform data into smarter sales, for you.

We provide sales and marketing leaders around the globe an edge in their strategies, eliminating inefficiencies with bespoke ROI-led solutions.

Driven by meticulously curated first, second and third-party data, our commercial expertise and certified salesforce, give you ROI-led solutions.

Unlocking sales opportunities

Axis is the data, analytics and technology division of the CPM Group of companies. Our clients are consistently looking for innovative ways to unlock hidden sales opportunities today and tomorrow.

By tapping into the latest technologies, we give brands, retailers, and agencies optimized sales strategies. Whether you want a qualitative or quantitative snapshot, we've got you covered with measurable results.

Generating ROI

ROI is the core of the Axis value system.
By combining first, second, and third party data with our proprietary solution, we take subjectivity away from any decision-making process.

Data are leveraged to create measurable, ROI-generating solutions that are robust enough to withstand the next new normal.

Delivering strategies

We assist our clients on how they position sales revenue challenges, marketing investments, and planning/forecasting to reach KPIs through analytical lens.

Our data-driven strategies are constantly measured and optimised through a continuous learning cycle for maximum impact, giving your business a competitive edge.

Solving problems

Inefficiencies in how you deploy your resources and/ or team? Chasing after out-of-stocks? Desire to measure the sales impact of granular tactics or high-level strategic decisions?

Our analytics solutions are aimed at solving practical problems. Our team of data experts, developers, insight analysts, and commercial leaders combine unique technical and commercial experience to design solutions with operational feasibility.

We understand the pressures of operational excellence in the competitive retail landscape and the reality of life at store level.

Handling the data

Analyse, optimise and automate. We simplify the complexities, turning data into better business outcomes.


Our ambition: The Perfect Intervention. 

The final step on the Axis insight journey. Our targeted communications and activations, driven by precise execution, serve our clients with greater sales conversion and cost-effectiveness.

Want to know more about the Axis Insight Journey? Contact us below, lets talk data.

The Perfect Intervention Axis Solution Set
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