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Checkout Awards 2016

Last Friday, CPM Ireland won “Best Field Sales Team/Field Sales Support”, in conjunction with GSK at the Checkout National FMCG Awards 2016!


We are very proud of our CPM/GSK team, who deliver such a high calibre of output on an ongoing basis. Check out our interview with Paul Hanrahan, manager of the team, to hear how they won.


In your opinion, why do you believe the CPM and GSK team won the award?

I believe the CPM/GSK Team won the award because of their excellent execution in store and their can do attitude when faced with testing targets & desire to meets both client and customer expectations.


What are the main skills that helped the CPM team to win this great award?

Their dedication to the GSK brand, coupled with very strong relationships built up with their retailers. Also, very important to mention that GSK equipped the team with the tools to deliver the numbers, which included some very strong promotions and visually excellent Point of Sales.


From the GSK campaigns your team executed, which one do you consider was more demanding and why?

The Sensodyne Core campaign in May was most difficult. The team had noticed that as this was a new way of executing promotions in store, they now needed to make a second call to ensure the FSU was activated in time for the promotional kick-off. This meant the team had to journey plan for an additional 103 stores to coincide with delivery dates to ensure activations took place & maintain strong in-store relationships.


What were the main challenges this year that your team has had to overcome?

The biggest challenge the team faced this year was defending the Panadol brands market share against generic brands. They have risen to this challenge by policing and implementing Over The Counter Planograms in all stores and gaining secondary sightings for Panadol away from the fixture in all stores. The team are ensuring that Panadol is shopable at the cashier area in all stores. Panadol market share is now in growth for 2016.


What does winning this award mean to you?

The single most pleasure I get from this award is the recognition my team gets, which is richly deserved for their efforts over the past three years.

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